Asuswrt-Merlin is an alternative, custom version of that firmware. Developped by Eric Sauvageau, its primary goals are to enhance upon the existing firmware without bringing any radical changes, and to fix some of the known issues and limitations, while maintaining the same level of performance as the original firmware.

Asus RT-Series Routers Running Asus Merlin-WRT Mar 24, 2020 Configuring Asus RT-Series Routers Running Asus Merlin-WRT May 07, 2018 ASUS Merlin-WRT Updates - When to set back to default

Welcome to the official website for the Xwrt-Vortex firmware project, a third party alternative firmware based on Asuswrt-Merlin project, for different routers, with a special emphasis on tweaks and fixes rather than radical changes or collecting as many features as possible.

Hi, Can anyone advise where I can download the latest AsusWrt-Merlin firmware for the R7000 and the steps to install the firmware? I am a firmware flashing noobie! :D Kind regards, Matt ASUSWRT THE POWERFUL USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE. The enhanced ASUSWRT graphical user interface gives you easy access to the 30-second, 3-step web-based installation process.

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Optimizing Asuswrt-Merlin? I'm about to take the plunge and upgrade my RT-AC68U to Asuswrt-Merlin. Are there any guides out there to optimize it for the best speed, or are the default settings pretty much good enough? Oct 05, 2011 · On our How To Set Up Static DHCP on Your DD-WRT Router guide, we’ve talked about making sure that your clients will always get the same IP address from the router. So now if you want to access one of the machines on your network, as you know it’s IP, you can use that… but using IPs just doesn’t have the same elegance as using names. This tutorial is intended to be used on AsusWRT Merlin firmware. At the top of the router interface webpage you will see the image of a wizard hat and title "Powered by Asuswrt-Merlin" as it shown on the picture below. DD-wrt, tomato, and merlin all have stock files that you can flash to return back to stock FW. Of all..Merlin is the best in terms of features and stability. ddwrt has the best features though (vlan, vpn, etc) but merlin is the best middle ground (im running 7.6about to go to 7.7). Tomatoforget about it. The HTTPS access to DD-WRT's Web UI per the checkbox on the Administration page is broken in early versions. To prevent lockout, verify HTTPS access before disabling the HTTP checkbox. HTTPS is verified working in r26339 and later. Dd-wrt does not support the 5ghz card on the archer c7 hardware version v1.1. For old versions of dd-wrt after installing dd-wrt you must turn off the router and remove the 5ghz card or the router will brick. The 5Ghz radio works fine in hardware version 2 of this router.