Edward Snowden exclusive interview: "I'm not asking for a

What exactly did Edward Snowden leak? I am sorry if this is a reposted question, but I am having a lot of problems finding out specifics other than the various surveillance methods of the US. The people who are heavily against Snowden say that he leaked a lot of information that could and would hurt the US, but I'm just not finding anything While Assange, Manning and Snowden languish, U.S. media Oct 11, 2019 Edward Snowden Exposes Unsettling Truth About What

“While I am proud of the work we did, it is fair to say that until Snowden stole a trove of top secret documents and gave them to reporters in 2013, we had limited success. It took a Snowden to

Mar 25, 2014

Insider's View: How 'Snowden' Gets It Dangerously Wrong

What information did Edward Snowden precisely reveal? - Quora Scope and detail of the information Snowden revealed : * First and foremost : Secret court orders in USA gave an allowance to NSA to sweep up Americans' phone records ! Snowden's first hydrogen bomb was that "Verizon" had been providing the NSA Edward Snowden What Did He Really Reveal? - Guardian