Both port scanners (TCP and UDP) are only a single threaded loops without any parallelization. Thus, the scanning speed is limited. But, in the worst case the speed should be around 1 port scan per second, depending on the timeout values which you can also simply just change. QQ 为什么以 UDP 协议为主,以 TCP 协议为辅? - … 2014-4-16 · 使用UDP对抗网络抖动,说到底就是在应用层比TCP更快地探测和重传,一旦超过一定的时间没有收到回复,客户端可以选择马上重试或者换一个IP:PORT重试(假如你的服务像QQ一样有多个接入),在服务器端则可以果断地断掉socket。 networking - Can TCP and UDP sockets use the same port 2020-2-12 · Yes, you can use the same port number for both TCP and UDP. Many protocols already do this, for example DNS works on udp/53 and tcp/53.. Technically the port pools for each protocol are completely independent, but for higher level protocols that can use either TCP or UDP it's convention that they default to the same port number.. When writing your server, bear in mind that the sequence of python中的tcp示例详解_python_脚本之家 2018-12-9 · 这种连接是一对一的,因此TCP不适用于广播的应用程序,基于广播的应用程序请使用UDP协议。 2. 可靠传输 1)TCP采用发送应答机制 TCP发送的每个报文段都必须得到接收方的应答才认为这个TCP报文段传输成功 2)超时重传

2020-7-10 · 652/TCP,UDP HELLO-PORT Официально 652/TCP DTCP (Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol) Неофициально 653/TCP,UDP REPSCMD Официально 654/TCP,UDP AODV (Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector) Официально 655/TCP,UDP TINC 656/TCP

TCP és UDP portszámok listája – Wikipédia 2020-7-15 · A TCP/IP és az UDP hálózatokban egy logikai csatlakozáshoz egy port (végpont) tartozik, valamint egy módus. A módus azt határozza meg, hogy egy ügyfél program a rendszer szempontjából milyen programot képvisel a hálózatra kapcsolt számítógépen. TCP/UDP Port - Elenco di tutte le porte TCP e UDP e dei TCP: UDP: NAT Port Mapping Protocol—client-requested configuration for inbound connections through network address translators: Official: 5353 : UDP: Multicast DNS (mDNS) Official: 5355: TCP: UDP: LLMNR—Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution, allows hosts to perform name resolution for hosts on the same local link (only provided by Windows

Most ports operate with TCP or UDP protocol. Port numbers are officialy assigned by an organisation called IANA and ports are allocated to various needs to avoid confusion. Port Types & Classification. Ports are classified into 3 main categories.. Well Known Ports (Port numbers 0 - 1023)

2013-9-18 Exposing TCP and UDP services - NGINX Ingress Controller 2020-7-24 · Exposing TCP and UDP services ¶. Ingress does not support TCP or UDP services. For this reason this Ingress controller uses the flags --tcp-services-configmap and --udp-services-configmap to point to an existing config map where the key is the external port to use and the value indicates the service to expose using the format: ::[PROXY]:[PROXY] Minimalistic TCP / UDP Port Scanner - InfosecMatter