how to fix internet connected but no internet access windows 7

Solved: Connected to internet; no internet access I recently did a factory restore on my laptop [Gateway NV52 w/ Windows 7] and the internet connected beautifully as always through a wireless connection, through the Actiontec MI424 provided to us by Verizon. After restarting the PC, it connected to the internet automatically as usual. However, afte Windows 7 says 'No connections are available' even when Click the Start menu, right click on Computer > Manage Under the System Tools section, double click on Local Users and Groups Click Groups > right Click on Administrators > Add to group > Add > Advanced > Find now > Double Click on Local Service > Click Ok Close all the windows, reboot the computer and then see if it is fixed. Oh no! WiFi connected but no Internet — What to do?

Apr 14, 2018

Windows 7 machine. You have a fully operational network card, with correct IP address, default gateway, DNS, etc. So you CAN access the network, you CAN access the internet. However the network icon in the system tray looks like this suggesting it's offline. Hovering over the icon says 'Not connected - no connections are available'.

If you check the wireless 3G properties it might not be set to ALWAYS connect to it, and if it has a weak signal, the highest signal will be the one connected too, even a NEIGHBOR's signal, which could be p/w protected, and you can't connect to, give you the which is the Windows DEFAULT when it can't get a connection. Irv S.

Wifi connected but unknown network and no internet access