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Connect the PS3 to the Internet. Use either an Ethernet connection or a wireless connection, depending on your PS3 model. Enroll for a PSN account. Select the "Sign Up For Playstation Network" icon from the Playstation Network tab on the Cross Media Bar. How to Connect Your PS3 to the Internet - YouTube Jul 24, 2012 Is the internet free on the ps3 - Answers The charge is for the internet access if you don't already have internet access. PS3 does not provide free internet it provides free use of the PlayStation Network on the internet. How do you play PS3 without internet? - CCM Feb 21, 2018

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3 Effective Ways to Fix PS3 Internet Connection Problems Remember to lower the security if you use WEP Encryption because high security may cause PS3 internet problem. And add your PS3 as an accepted device if you WAPs are set to filter MAC address. Thirdly, go to Internet Connection Settings. PS3 internet connection problems are often solved by changing the network settings. Follow the steps listed

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